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Staff of The Department


Lecturers on the staff
Veklych A.M.

DSc (Phys. & Math.)


Head of The Department

Anisimov I.O.

DSc (Phys. & Math.)


Phone: +38 (044) 526-05-42

Fax: +38 (044) 526-05-42

Cherniak V.Ya.

DSc (Phys. & Math.)


Phone: +38 (044) 526-05-81

Strikha M.V.

DSc (Phys. & Math.)


Kravchenko O.Yu.

PhD (Phys. & Math.)

associate professor

Nedybaliuk O.A.

PhD (Phys. & Math.)

assistant professor

Phone: +38 (044) 526-05-81

Goriachko A.M.

PhD (Phys. & Math.)

assistant professor

Lushkin O.Ye.

PhD (Phys. & Math.)

associate professor

Part-time lecturers

Scientific and training subdivisions

Scientific Laboratory of Physical Electronics
Telega V.M., PhD (Phys. & Math.), head of laboratory

Marushchak N.I., leading engineer

Prysiazhnevych I.V., PhD (Phys. & Math.), engineer

Kostiukevych O.M., leading engineer

Bilyk L.M., technician

Skliarenko V.P., glass-blower
Scientific Sector of the Theory and Modeling of Plasma Processes
Nedybaliuk O.A., PhD (Phys. & Math.), head of sector

Yukhymenko V.V., PhD (Phys. & Math.), researcher

Veremij Yu.P., PhD (Phys. & Math.), researcher

Litoshenko T.Ye., PhD (Phys. & Math.), junior researcher

Solomenko O.V., PhD (Phys. & Math.), junior researcher (by-worker)

Levada G.I., leading engineer

Kotliarov I.Yu., engineer

Skrypka S.L., engineer

Marushchak I.S., engineer

Lebid' A.V., engineer
Training Laboratory of Electronics
Chernolutsky D.L., head of laboratory

Tolochkevych Yu.M., engineer

Nahula P.O., engineer

Dukhliy A.I., engineer

Yukhymenko K.V., engineer

Torbenko O.P., technician

Sirenko O.M., senior laboratory assistant

Sereda V.Ye., laboratory assistant

Post-graduate students

Gamazin D.K.

Dadyka D.I.

Donchenko T.S.

Kolgan V.V.

Kleshych M.M.

Kostiukevych O.M.

Kulish V.O.

Marushchak I.S.

Solomenko O.V.

Fedirchyk I.I.

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