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Scientific Research

The intensive investigations of actual problems of a physical electronics are carried out at the departmet including problems of low-temperature plasmas and gas discharges as well as an emission electronics engineering.

The most important scientific results are following :

  • The fundamental researches of oxide cathodes physics (the head of scientific group - N.D. Morgulis) was carried out during 1933-1966. As a result, new phenomena were experimentally established namely: the emission of negative ions from oxide cathodes, the substances dissociation of these cathodes under influence of electronic impacts, fuming from them various gas components, the influence of these gases on a thermionic emission etc. It was established an influence the volumetric and contact resistances of a barrier film on the thermoionic emission of oxide cathodes. The temperature and current dependences of these resistances were investigated. The nonohmicity of oxide cathode layer was established at high emission currents. At the ivestigations, modern research methods were widely used the ultrahigh vacuum including radioisotope and mass spectroscopy methodes.
  • The new method of direct conversion of a thermal energy into an electrical energy by plasma diodes was found. Complex researches of a basic physics of the method was carried out in 1959-70 (the head of scientiefic group - N.D. Morgulis). The important factores of the energy converter were widely investigated including properties of low-temperature caesium plasmas and emissive properties of different materials under the operation mode in caesium vapour was investigated. In the framework of the investigations, the photo-resonance plasma was establish in 1965 by N.D. Morgulis, Yu.P. Korchevoy, and A.M. Przhonsky that was registered by the International Association of scientific discovery authors (Certificate NA-118 from 4.08.1998).
  • The researches of thermosoftening recording of the information have been carried out in 1960-1970 (the head of scientific group - M.G. Nahodkin). As a result, fundamentals process of the hidden electrostatic shape creation at thermosoftening recording of the information were established. That has adduced to creation of recording systems of the holograms in real-time and in all visible part of a spectrum. These investigations uncovered a principal physics of recording of the information on phase thermosoftening carriers. N.G. Nahodkin, N.G. Kuvshinsky, and V.P. Nemcev were awarded the Ukrainian SSR State Premium in 1970.
  • The research of ionic crystal evaporation, carried out in 1970-90 (the head of scientific group - G.Ya. Pikus), have shown a main role of an crystal electronic subsystem during the evaporation and the creation of surface layers of a non-stoichiometrical composition. It was shown the possibility of creation of such layers with given electronic properties by using an influence on the electronic subsystem, in particular by heating or by an external radiation or an external electric field. That open new perspectives for the microelectronic device development.
  • The wide experimental researches and computer simulations of impulse plasmas with the moving boundary which has been caried out in 1970-85 (the head of scientific group - Yu.I. Chutov), have allowed to establish new physical properties of bounded plasma clouds and beams, pulsing gase discharges, and shock waves in gas discharge plasmas. The investigations of interaction of impulse moving plasmas with magnetic fields have allowed successfully to simulate physical processes in magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) generators. These researches have been carried out by original optical and probe techniques with high spatial and temporary resolutions.
  • The computer simulations and theoretical investigations of dusty plasmas (plasmas with dusty particles) is successfully developed at the department (the head of scientific group - Yu.I.Chutov) from 1994. As a result of the investigations, the kinetic equation for a whole velocity distribution function in relaxing dusty plasmas is formulated. The equation is a basis of kinetic computer simulations of dusty plasmas and dusty sheaths. Obtained results were printed in many international scientific physical journals and proceedings of many scientific conferences. The investigations is a basis of the scientific cooperation of the department with the Eindhoven Technical University (The Netherlands), FOM Institute for Plasma Physics (The Netherlands), and Nagoya University (Japan).

There are five principal scientific directions devloping on department nowadays:

  • Plasma electronics;
  • Dusty plasma physics;
  • Plasma chemistry;
  • Arc discharge physics;
  • Physics of nanoheterostructures;
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