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Short Historical Review

Department of Physical Electronics - the oldest department of the faculty - was founded in 1933 together with other special physical departments of the recommenced Kiev University under an initiative of the correspondent member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, prof. N.D. Morgulis (1904-1976) - the well-known founder of the Kiev school of physical electronics and the long-term head of the department up to 1976. He founded the basic scientific and educational directions of the activity of the department, namely: study of plasma properties, as well as emission and adsorption processes on the surfaces of solids. These researches are conducted in the department and now. The scientific laboratory of physical electronics was established at the department in 1965. Associate Prof. I.P. Shashurin was the acting department head in 1976-1986. Prof. Yu.I. Chutov (1937-2005) was the head of the department in 1986-2002, prof. I.O. Anisimov - in 2002–2007, prof. V.V. Il'chenko – 2007–2011, prof. I.O. Anisimov - 2012-2015. Prof. A.M. Veklych is the head of the department since 2016.

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